A Wardrobe Stylist’s Guide to *FUN* Women’s Vacation Outfits & Shoes for Summer 2019

As a professional clothing stylist, I know that one of the most important times to make sure your outfits are on pointe is for summer vacation season. While many may want to throw on a white cotton dress and brown leather sandals – you will drown in a sea of thousands of women doing the exact same thing. Trust an image advisor, the ones who glow, are the ones who curate their vacation wardrobe – and have FUN with it!

Why is this so important? You will be traveling to the most gorgeous places and creating a slew of lifelong memories – which will be captured in photo and video form and seen until the day you die. Life is too short, beautiful and exciting to wear an outfit that is the opposite of all of that. Project the adventurous, stylish and non-boring you!

One of the keys to an amazing vacation is comfort. Therefore, high waisted anything + lobster pasta = misery. Stilettos + sandy path = heart explosion, etc. I prefer dresses because it is only once piece you have to think about, and always looks chic. My curation of outfits are cool, comfortable, elegant, classic and FUN! You can easily translate everything from daytime to evening. Wear these shopping, beaching, boating, brunching, dining, dancing, partying, eventing and anything your lovely heart desires!

*FUN* Shoes: A block heel, wedge, sandal, and walking flat will be your everything. Try to avoid packing any shoe that is difficult to walk in as vacation terrain can be dicey!

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